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Shopify enables you to secure the best possible solutions for your eCommerce store. As you are reading this, Shopify processes more than 10,000 orders per minute and generates $60 million in sales per month. If what you are looking for is an online store that brings you more orders and an increased income while simplifying the ordering processes, then Shopify is definitely what you need.

Sales-oriented designs

When you work with our team of dedicated Shopify designers you can create a custom eCommerce design that offers visitors a unique buying experience. Think about design as the first encounter a user has with your brand: choose nothing less than a genuine approach to brand identity.

Unparalleled quality assurance processes

We go through a rigorous quality assurance process to ensure that your online store performs better than expected, winning visitors’ trust and improving your online presence. Under our comprehensive evaluation process, our Shopify experts will provide you with detailed reports that enhance user experience through the implementation of modern trends and a high success rate.

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A powerful team of Shopify experts

At EB Pearls we provide you with the tools you need to run a successful online store, get increased marketing exposure, and make the cash register go Ka-Ching! Ka-Ching! Ka-Ching! Our team of talented designers and developers are always under the attentive supervision of a project manager who oversees all processes.

Increased business exposure

We open the doors of access to the untapped sea of online customers who are waiting to make a purchase from your store. We use dynamic marketing strategies that win customers’ trust in your brand and convince them to place their orders on your website. At the moment, 40% of all internet users have made an online purchase – the next one could be from your website.

Our Shopify Solutions

Each past client is a new story we live to tell our future clients

EB Pearls are very creative and focused towards achieving our business goals. They delivered our website on time and that was a big one for us. They were proactive in terms of making sure some of our requirements were met.

Josh Goldberg

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Each past client is a new story we live to tell our future clients.

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