Watsons Bay Hotel

Overhauling an established website to create a new online image and entice new customers.


Project Overview

Watsons Bay Hotel is a part of the Sydney Collective an is an iconic venue for providing premier accommodation and event hosting. Previously the website for Watsons Bay Hotel was archaic and visually mundane. It needed an overhaul and one that would breathe new life into the website by creating a design that was aesthetically pleasing, while still being streamlined and easy to navigate. It was tantamount that the services of Watsons Bay Hotel were conveyed to visitors in a visually engaging way, leaving users with a strong positive impression.


Web Design Through Visual Immersion

A visually engaging aesthetic. A prime reason why people stay and use Watsons Bay Hotel for holidays and events is its pristine location and luxurious accommodation. The website needed to show this. To accomplish this, it was important to engage visitors through an immersive visual design that did not overwhelm the user with too much information. The end product was a minimalist design that used subtly interactive pictures and thumbnails to depict the beauty of Watsons Bay Hotel and its surrounding areas.

Following modern and emerging design principles. It is important to convey all the services offered by Watsons Bay Hotel to the users without overwhelming the visitor. For the new Watsons Bay Hotel website all unnecessary text content was removed in favour of a picture-orientated approach. The idea was to make the website seem more like a gallery where visitor’s scroll through a pre-defined and streamlined path.  Overall this redesign proved to be more fitting with the beauty of Watsons Bay Hotel and its surroundings.

Final Thoughts

Through EB Pearls, The Watson’s Bay Hotel website has been thoughtfully redesigned to much modern trends and design principles. By making the new website more visually-oriented and more immersive, EB Pearls has breathed new life into Watsons Bay Hotel.

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