Tradepapers looks to make it easier for tradesmen to scan and store their documents securely, ready to send to employers as needed. In addition, these tradies will also never miss an expiration date again, reminded by the app to update their documents. No doubt, this is an app that those in trade simply cannot live without.

Project Overview

A husband and wife team saw a tedious document collecting process as an opportunity to innovate in the mobile space. Tradies commonly move job to job, having to submit copies of important documents to different employers.

Zubyer, the husband, brought invaluable industry knowledge, Amy, the wife, brought impeccable management skills, and EB Pearls, filled the missing pieces of their puzzles with stylistic and technical finesse.



In order to target the wide market, Tradepapers wanted to launch the app on both the iOS and Android platforms, a request easily met by EB Pearls.

Tradepapers’ primary appeal was the storage of important documents conveniently for easy delivery for new employers. Not only was storage a problem to be solved, but security standards were a top priority.

In addition to this, to relieve users of the trouble of submitting expired documents as a result of forgetfulness, the app also required a function to remind users to update their documents.

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Cloud storage with Security Enhancements: In order to store documents, so as to not take an excessive amount of space, EB Pearls implemented a cloud storage system to securely store scanned documents. In order to ensure security, additional measures were taken to keep these sensitive documents safe.

Reminders System: EB Pearls implemented a method to remind users when it was necessary to update their papers, creating an even more convenient and useful app for their user base.

Scanning Technology: In order to send documents to employers, high quality scans would have to be produced. EB Pearls also had to ensure that the camera scanning technology used would be clear enough to be readable.

Stunning Mobile App Design: As with any other app, UX design is of utmost importance. Keeping in mind the fact that users of this app were tradesmen who wanted convenience from a tedious process, meant that a simple, easy-to-use interface was a big must.



Tradepapers’ concept is an incredibly innovative solution to a laborious problem. EB Pearls has provided a complete solution, solving the challenges easily and efficiently. With the team’s close connection to the trades industry, this app has been and will continue to be a great success.


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