The Broad Place

The Broad Place is a leader in the space of mental-health wellbeing, promoting clarity, consciousness and creativity through the power of meditation. Cofounders Jacqui Lewis and Arran Russell, along with their team hold classes and programs to encourage enlightenment in the modern, busy life.

Project Overview

To deliver this message of wellbeing to as many people as possible, The Broad Place needed a website that was elegant in design to encourage people to join the movement. In addition, their previous website made it different to update content, so EB Pearls provided the solution of back-end CMS system so users can be up to date with the information they needed to know.



There is a lot of content that The Broad Place wanted to include in their website. With this, comes the challenge of having to organise this information so that users can access the information that seek quickly and correctly. There is also an eCommerce component to this website that needed to be implemented through Shopify.

At the forefront of The Broad Place’s mission is to help people and they wanted to deliver this through their website by including a members’ area so they can track their learning. On top of this, The Broad Place also consists of a blog page, continuous delivering valuable content to visitors.

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Cohesive Structure: EB Pearls worked with The Broad Place to construct a content hierarchy that would organise the information they wanted to put on the website. We were able to reach a point where the content was in a logical navigation scheme, so that it was easy to get to the information you needed.

Staying Connected with Membership We were able to develop a system so that members of The Broad Place were able to track their learning journey. This meant they were also connected to the journey they were on.

Stunning User Interface It was definitely important for the website to convey a calming and serene setting, an oasis away from the busy lifestyle. This was definitely achieved, a significant improvement from the outdated website they had previously.



The Broad Place’s service is definitely a stand out in the industry, and the website definitely conveys this. They are able to provide the information they want to a large audience, with the ability to continually update the information provided, inspiring everyone who comes into contact with their product.


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