Take5 Magazine

Take5 is a magazine published by Bauer Media, targeting the Australian women market, with short stories, puzzles, competitions and coupons.


Project Overview

This client wanted to forge a presence on the digital offering similar content from their magazine on a website.

Ultimately the Take5 website serves as an introduction to the magazine, for those who are unfamiliar and an extension for those who were already accustomed to the Take5 brand.



The Take5 website has 150 000 – 200 000 active users every month, so this was a very large audience. Not only that, but the website targets a mostly older audience of women. This presented multiple challenges:
– Designing an interface that was easy to navigate.
– Ensuring that the the design was appealing to the wider audience.

In addition, there had to be a way to manage the content due to the frequent updates required, (especially for elements such as competitions and puzzles).


Keeping in mind the audience, and the Take5 brand, EB Pearls designed an interface featuring bright and vibrant colours, creating a fun experience for users, drawing in the large audience.

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