Survey Tool

Built for the health industry, the survey tool app allows customers to share their opinions and health professionals to analyse these surveys.


Project Overview

Available on both iOS and Android platforms, this survey app tool provides health professionals a very convenient way to gather reviews from patients. This proves invaluable as these medical professionals can use insights to improve their service to patients.


Project Features

We designed and developed a SaaS platform for surveying customers through the convenient medium of mobile app. The user experience could not be easier. Doctors and other medical associates are able to create surveys in the backend. The customer can then give their thoughts and opinions on a tablet device. The medical professionals can then use the data to improve the service they deliver, creating an welcoming environment for repeat and new patients/customers.

Stunning User Interface: It was of great importance that the design be intuitive and enjoyable, aligning with the experience that medical professionals want to give to patients/customers. Keeping this mind, EB Pearls delivered with excellent user experience.

Mobile App Development: In the end, functionality is the most important part to get right. The skilled development team was able to deliver this project seamlessly.

Testing and Deployment: EB Pearls really does offer the “full package”, taking care of everything for this survey tool, ensuring it is up to the highest standards.


Although quite a simple concept, EB Pearls had to ensure that we created the best user experience through an intuitive and visually appealing interface. This interface then needed to be translated flawlessly through code. EB Pearls certainly delivered on both these fronts.

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