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Secure Parking required a mobile website solution to be devised, primarily because they noticed that a great number of customers used their services on mobile. It became a necessity to create a mobile experience that would make it easy and convenient to book car spaces, and EB Pearls definitely delivered.


To extend their digital reach, Secure Parking wanted a mobile optimised site that provides customers information about their services, along with the ability to book car spots. One of the main challenges of this project was the sheer scale of the Secure Parking business, consisting of a large backend of web servers that required deep expertise to understand.

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Understanding Backend: Working with Secure Parking, we made it a priority to learn how the Secure Parking web servers worked making sure that our website connected correctly with the servers.

Simplified Customer Experience: Secure Parking’s service is very much about convenience, so EB Pearls ensured that the booking process involved would be intuitive and easy, giving customers a positive experience with Secure Parking.

Stunning User Interface: EB Pearls made sure that the interface aligned with the current Secure Parking brand, while adding flair where it was suitable.


EB Pearls has invested time and effort to make the secure parking website seamless for users to book their next parking in the city. Being beautifully optimised for mobile, Secure Parking has been able to connect with more customers, extending their service reach.

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