Motion is Medicine

Motion is Medicine is a company which focuses on providing products that help alleviate mobility problems that hinder people from engaging in an active lifestyle. Their products ranges from bandages to orthopedics, catering to diverse needs.


Project Overview

Motion is Medicine was seeking the development of an eCommerce store for the selling of their different products. They had found a theme they were happy to use, but required technical skills to modify the theme to suit their requirements.
Using the theme as the base for the site, EB Pearls worked with Motion is Medicine to ensure that we clearly understood what needed to be done.


Project Features

eCommerce Store: Using the purchased theme by Motion is Medicine, EB Pearls was tasked with making the necessary modifications to ensure that the eCommerce store was robust and able to cater for their needs. As a result, customers were able to experience a quick and simple process in making their online purchases.

Clinic Creator: The site not only catered to direct consumers, but to medical professionals who work in mobility rehabilitation. As part of this service, the site also includes an interactive feature, which allow professionals to narrow down what products they may need in setting up a clinic, depending on their specific needs. This is an intuitive, visual and quick tool that alleviates confusion for professionals. It has definitely proved to be incredibly useful and beneficial for a diverse range of professionals.

Same Day Delivery Countdown: As part of their commitment to customers, Motion is Medicine offers same day shipping for orders before 3PM. To highlight this the site features a countdown to alert users if they are still eligible for same day shipping. This countdown is one of the neatest features on the site and definitely differentiates Motion is Medicine from other sites.

Technical Expertise in Magento: There was a lot of work that needed to be done in order to incorporate the necessary changes to satisfy Motion is Medicine’s specifications. EB Pearls’ developers were committed to challenging themselves in executing the customisations required, all the while ensure that the site was kept sturdy and robust.


As a key player in the medical device industry, the Motion is Medicine eCommerce store allows the company to further serve consumers in the digital space. Through the store, they are able to reach a wider market and offer an enjoyable online experience to their customers.

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