Metz Tiles

Proudly Australian, Metz provides beautifully designed and highly durable tiles of the finest quality. Their specialty tiles ranges cater for a wide spectrum of purposes, from commercial kitchens to swimming pools.


Project Overview

The primary objective of this project was to update their very outdated website to create a new modern website for the tiling business.

Metz essentially needed a rebrand, with a desire to capture the elegance of the company in a clean and modern website.

Keeping the audience in mind, primarily renovators and interior designers, developing a way to store the research that is done was paramount. EB Pearls strategists brought forward the idea of the PDF Binder to do this.

In addition, the broad range of products meant that the search filters has relative complexity in implementation.



PDF Binder Business Proposition: To enhance user experience on the website, EB Pearls suggested the addition of the PDF Binder, which allows designers to choose the tiles they wanted and add them to a personal document that includes all the information they need about their selections. This easily downloadable binder has become a unique and predominant feature of the website.

Highly Advanced Search: EB Pearls successfully implemented a search system that was capable of searching interdependently with different product filters. This definitely improves the user experience by allowing visitors to easily locate the perfect tiles for their ideas.

Stunning UX Design: The design of the website is nothing short of breathtaking, with beautiful and easy navigation, the website allows the user to feel welcomed, enhancing the already impressive showcase that Metz provides.

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