Kapstream Capital is a financial investment institution (part of the Ajanus Capital Group Company) that specialises in fixed income. Targeting a certain grade of sophisticated investors, they manage capital in innovative ways.


Project Overview

The project involved EB Pearls delivering a revamp of the Kapstream website, bringing a more smooth experience for clients to access information and documentation from the convenience of their desktop or mobile browsers.



Kapstream required a website that would showcase the breadth of their services, place them as the premier expert in their field and to provide the necessary information to customers in an engaging manner.

Flow Structuring: Using our breadth of experience, we proposed way that would make it as intuitive for users to access the information users need conveniently. Thus, users were able to have the optimised navigation experience.

Stunning User Interface: The old Kapstream website was an incredibly generic website, that did not convey the sophistication of the brand effectively. Our premier designers were able to create an incredibly elegant website, in line with the Kapstream brand.

Engaging Animations: To breathe more life to the diagrams and interactive elements of the site, we implemented subtle animations to site, as the user scrolls. We did this with the purpose of grabbing the attention of users, whilst striking a balance to make sure this would not hamper the user experience.



The primary purpose of the website was to present the dense amount of content and documentation on the website in a modern way. EB Pearls successfully presented a modern website that presents pertinent information in an elegant way for clients to access with ease.

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