Hostmaker is a provider of Airbnb management services, such as cleaning, linen hire and check-in services. They are definitely a big player in this international market.


Project Overview

In order to manage users of Hostmaker, it was required for them to create a CRM that links service providers and Airbnb hosts together.

Hostmaker wanted a CRM which made it easier for service providers and hosts to connect and organise work with each other. In addition, the CRM would be the one stop shop for check on their own progress.



Bountiful Features: Hostmaker is an incredibly unique business and thus required quite a few unique features. These features include: job posting, job tracking, payment tracking and earnings tracking.

Full Stack Application: The versatile team members of EB Pearls makes for a large groups of experts in different fields of knowledge. This has definitely allowed us to deliver a full stack application for Hostmaker.


Hostmaker is definitely in the realm of next generation technologies, and with that comes a lot of people to manage. The CRM produced has definitely made it easier for users to manage their affairs with Hostmaker, creating a more enjoyable and convenient experience for users.

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