Heaven Swimwear

Heaven Swimwear is one of Australia’s most recognised swimwear brands, specialising in providing high-calibre swim pieces for young women. Heaven Swimwear pride themselves in providing beautifully designed swimsuits that capture the essence of carefree youthfulness.


Project Overview

Heaven Swimwear needed to build an eCommerce store that would be the go-to online shop for their versatile range of swimsuits. Their current site was limited in its eCommerce capabilities, which dampened the user experience of visitors. EB Pearls was enlisted to build their solution – a new site on the Shopify platform.



Stunning Web Design: In order to capture the attention of the site’s target audience, young teenage women, the website’s design needed to be fashionable, modern and clean. In collaboration with Heaven Swimwear’s team, we were able to capture this in the look and feel of the website.

Easy-to-manage Website Administration: Shopify’s platform alleviates the headaches that may arise from managing selling products online. Its intuitive and robust system has allowed Heaven Swimwear to easily manage the inventory for the products on their site.


EB Pearls enjoyed immensely the time we spent working with Heaven Swimwear to design and build the site. We collaborated closely to and delivered a professional site which elicits fun and style, the traits which encapsulate the typical user that would visit the store.

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