Heart Research Australia

Heart Research Australia is an not-for-profit organisation that raises funds to support research into the diseases of the heart, working towards effective prevention, diagnosis and treatment.


Project Overview

Heart Research Australia wanted to revamp their outdated website to give their organisation’s brand a fresh and modern look. EB Pearls was enlisted to provide strategy surrounding the user experience, as well as frontend and backend development of the WordPress site.

Streamline Donation Collection: Heart Research sought a solution for donation collection that was both effective and user friendly. Accommodation for both one-time and regular donations needed to be considered, in addition to integration with their existing Salesforce system.

Showcase of Work: It was important to ensure that the important work that Heart Research Australia is presented in the best light. Therefore, crafting an experience where users navigated through the site in a logical manner was incredibly important. In addition, it was important to also present content in the most engaging way possible.



Heart Smart Club and Forum: As an extension to the website’s functionality, there was also to be the facilitation of a community section of the site, where members can sign up to be a part of a community forum, focusing on the sharing of stories, advice and information.

Aligning Organisation and User Goals: From the very beginning, EB Pearls collaborated with Heart Research and their design and Salesforce partners to strategise how we would best approach this project and work together to ensure that the site was aligned with what the organisation stood for. In addition to this, it was imperative to marry this with an excellent user experience, so that the site was easy to use and allowed them to carry out their goals.

Flexible WordPress Development: Not only was it important to have an operational front-facing website, but to alleviate some problems from their previous website administration system. Taking advantage of the customisable platform offered by WordPress, our developers created an easy-to-use, flexible and manageable backend system. As a result, Heart Research Australia has autonomous control over the content and layout of their website.


The website has definitely been redefined Heart Research Australia in the digital space, as an important force in raising funds for lifesaving research. By providing a great user experience and visual design, along with important resources, community membership and an intuitive donation process, the site is an excellent spokesperson for the brand.

EB Pearls is honoured to have played a small part in a worthy cause like Heart Research Australia’s mission to fight heart disease.

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