Health Synergy

Health Synergy is a company headed by a mother and daughter team, which promotes the healthy lifestyle, focusing on the importance of nutrition. Its website is an incredibly successful and popular blog, with a large number of followers in Australia and all over the world.


Project Overview

Health Synergy wanted to extend its digital reach by creating a mobile app to complement its website. Primarily, this app would include recipes developed by Health Synergy, allowing users to engage with an additional medium to access content more conveniently.

As an extension of the website, Health Synergy wanted a way for users to access recipes on the go. EB Pearls also had to keep in mind that there are quite a lot of recipes to include, over 100 in fact. In addition to this, to enhance user utility, there is also a shopping list feature, allowing users to easily purchase the required ingredients in store, just be referring to the app.



Extensive Search: With over 100 recipes, it was important that users were able to search through the ones they were most interested in. This meant that EB Pearls had to implement quite an extensive search system.

Shopping List Convenience: To maximise the usefulness of the app, Health Synergy wanted a shopping list function to be created. EB Pearls, with design and technical finesse, was able to take this on and create a great experience for the user.

Stunning User Interface: This app boasts its great strength of convenience, which can only be achieved if its interface design is intuitive and eye catching. With the skills of the EB Pearls design team, we were able to deliver very successfully.


The app has turned out looking incredibly nice. With excellent UX design and great technical functionalities, this app has proved to be very popular, with download numbers soaring in just a few weeks.

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