Dr. Comfort

Dr. Comfort is a specialty store providing therapeutic shoes, socks and inserts. Their focus on style, comfort and quality in their products means that they have provided an essential service to countless Australians with foot health issues.


Project Overview

Dr. Comfort required a revamp of their current website, wanting more customisation and configuration to include all relevant content. In addition to this, having a speedy website was also an incredibly important requirement for this project.

EB Pearls offered Dr. Comfort a seamless experience in bringing their ideas into reality, offering unparalleled technical services.



Storyboarding: EB Pearls used our technical experience to devise a storyboard for the optimal configuration of content. We were, therefore, instrumental in developing the digital strategy surrounding the website.

Customisation: Dr. Comfort also required a few features that required custom coding. We were certainly able to engineer solutions to these problems, so Dr. Comfort truly feels like a custom experience.

Speed Optimisation: The most essential element for good user experience is delivering speed. EB Pearls used an advanced plugin in order to configure the website to be incredibly fast.


The user experience on Dr. Comfort has dramatically improved as EB Pearls has been able to create a very fast website, allowing users to navigate effectively and efficiently.

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