Doltone House

Doltone House is a multi-venue function space that offers services such as dining, catering and celebration with impressive facilities and breathtaking views across centres all across Sydney.


Project Overview

Doltone House wanted a refresh of their website, which would present a better business proposition for potential customers. Having the site’s design ready, we worked together to develop their website and was able to deliver a website of sophistication.


Project Features

Doltone House had not refreshed their website in a while and decided it was time to give it an update, having seen that it did not demonstrate the breadth of what their business offers. As part of this, they wanted to offer the most appropriate information to the wide audience who visit their site. Of course, with the constant changing nature of the business’ key offerings, it was also important that the site was able to be easily updated, so WordPress flexible content was the best way to go with this project.

Multi-level filtering and categorisation: The Doltone House wanted more of a focus on the multiplicity offered by their business to be showcased on their website. As part of this, it was imperative that the categorisation of information was approached in the best manner. Out of necessity, there was the requirement of multi-level filtration on their What’s On page. Our technical team took care to ensure that we understood what was required here, and challenged ourselves to execute.

Development and Maintenance of Website: EB Pearls offered Doltone House the expertise they needed in the technical department, both on the frontend and backend development of this site. Our technical team and the team at Doltone House collaborated so that we were able to execute on the concepts and ideas presented with precision. EB Pearls continues to work with Doltone House, handling the maintenance of their site, with the aim of consistent improvement and optimisation.


Doltone House was after a fresh new site, that was flexible in the way it has been organised and categorised. The site is now able to present the depth of what Doltone House offers with sophistication and class. EB Pearls continues to ensure that the site is in perfect condition and optimised.

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