Australian Finance Hub

Expanding an established finance business into the online web platform.


Project Overview

The Australian finance hub website is an online extension of a business that aims to provide a large number of reliable and affordable financial services to Australian businesses and people. As this was Australian Finance Hub’s first website,  EB Pearls needed to create an online portfolio that advertised the services the business offers , all the while designing a brand image that was tailored for an online platform. 

A major aspect of this project was to engage visitor’s by providing a subscription based online news letter, online finance tools and easy-to-use one click contact forms.


Promoting User Experience

Sleek, Elegance and Efficiency of Design. It was important to create a brand image for Australian Finance Hub was visually distinctive and aesthetic such that it could be identified at a glance. At the same time it was essential to ensure that the website’s design emphasised the content , allowing visitor’s to easily obtain information on the capabilities of Australian Finance Hub.  With this in mind EB Pearls devised a minimalistic design that was visually appealing yet allowed for the clear delivery of the website’s content.

Convenient and Simple Communication channels. Communication channels in a website promote user engagement and elevate the website’s users from visitors to potential clients and customers. EB Pearls designed an easy and convenient means of contacting Australian Finance Hub through a sleek ‘one click’ contact form and a design that stream lined visitors to this form. A subscription based online news letter opens a line of communication between business and customer. Together this form of two way communication engages visitor’s not as user’s but as potential customers.

Interactivity leads the way to Engagement.  Interactivity in the form of online tools and finance calculators is a modern solution that reinforces business image and promote user retention rate. By allowing potential customers to interact with the website in a meaningful and relevant way,  the services of the Australian Finance Hub is subtly promoted all the while creating another avenue for user engagement.

Final Thoughts

Through EB Pearls, Australian Finance Hub has adapted and established in the online world.  EB Pearls has created a digital  brand image for Australian Finance Hub that is distinctive yet clearly conveys and advertises the capabilities of the business.

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