The Australian Trade Commission is a government department responsible for fostering economic prosperity. They publish an bi-annual Benchmark Report, a snapshot of the Australian economy, presenting data to encourage international site visitors to do business in Australia.


Project Overview

Austrade wished to develop a website as a digital means to presenting their annual Benchmark Report. This meant having to take 50+ page report and transforming its contents into the digitalised form.



he greatest challenge of this project was thinking about how to transfer such a huge pool of data into the digital form, so as to not lose the comprehensiveness of the original document, whilst still maintaining a manageable online user experience.

This project also had to cater for various users. First and foremost, this data was to be available to the public, which meant that the user interface had to be intuitive and visually appealing. Additionally, the data in this report would have to be used extensively for presentational purposes. As a result, a method for exporting the data had to be conceived.

Since Austrade is a government agency, the standards for the product were of the highest grade. We needed to ensure that we put in the best standards of web design and development for this project.