Our Team

Responsible, dedicated and cool dudes!

Suman Katwal

Managing Director

Manish Kumar

Director of Development

Rupak Shakya

Director of Business

Michael Plaza

Director of Business

Akash Shakya

Head of Sales

Nicole Meikle

Art director

Saroj Kumar Yadav

Engineering manager

Rajiv Karmacharya

Sr. Project manager

Laxman Thapa

Senior Project Manager

Pusp Joshi

Senior Project Manager

Rupesh Rajopadhyaya

Senior Project Manager

Bhanu Chalise

Digital Producer

Teresa Pham

Digital Producer

Brian Lam

Business Development Manager

Subin Hachhethu

Human resource manager

Ashbin Kumar Chamrel

Finance manager

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Our Clients

Each past client is a new story we live to tell our future clients.