If you need a new bespoke web application, Laravel is your answer

Laravel’s comprehensive range of customisation options and sheer scalability makes it the ideal solution for web applications


Any size project, for any sized company

Laravel was built to power web applications. With a fluid and elegant coding system, it allows skilled developers to create applications that are feature rich and highly flexible.

But the true power of Laravel is its scalability. Whether you run a small business with 10 website clicks per day, or you’re an Australian-based multinational with extensive web ecosystem needs, Laravel is the system that can deliver.


Modular development that matches your requirements

On so many business website projects, thousands of dollars are often wasted by developers in creating special features that already exist in code elsewhere.

Laravel stops that. By offering a simple coding system and a huge array of modular add-ons, you can have your web application customised to achieve your business outcomes, without having to spend a fortune on coding features from the ground up.  

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Highly secure, for total peace of mind

As more and more pressure is put on business owners to protect their websites and their customer data from hackers, your choice of platform becomes critical.

Laravel is designed with a high level of security features built-in, allowing users to ensure their site is secure at the click of a button. Protecting against most common malicious attacks, your focus can be on network security, rather than your website.

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It’s simple – we deliver successful Laravel projects.

As one of Australia’s most experienced Laravel developers, we have completed hundreds of websites and complex applications over the years. And our international team of over 160 expert staff will use their talents to create a stable, scalable and flexible corporate site or application for you. On time and on budget.

So if your development budget is dependent on a great outcome, then you need to talk with us. We’ll give you sound advice combined with imagination, to deliver a site that exceeds your expectations.

Our Laravel Work

Here’s what our Laravel customers have said about us:

I've always turned to EB Pearls when I need technology expertise. I've had a relationship with EB Pearls for over two years and have tasked them with a number of projects. I've found the team are always striving to improve and will always put the client first. The team are always willing to advise on solutions and their experience working across businesses, industries and technologies, means their expertise is often invaluable when it comes to solving complex digital problems.

Kevin Jochelson, Founder of Fiestafy.com

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