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Apple continues to innovate and excite

As the company that started the smartphone and ‘app’ industry, Apple remains a leader in creating highly desirable mobile and computer products. So, it makes great sense to develop your next app in iOS – Apple’s proprietary mobile operating system.

EB Pearls have been developing in iOS since 2008, so we’ve not only seen the phenomenal sales growth and platform changes along the way, we’ve got the long-term experience to help you properly take advantage of it.


Why develop in iOS?

More exposure for a better chance of commercial return.

  • Tech savvy audience that are fiercely proud of the brand
  • One of the world’s most recognised names
  • Quality Apple hardware that’s highly consistent, so you’ll have less worries with your app working (and spend far less time and money making adjustments)
  • Younger market that embraces innovation, and wants to be seen with Apple products

Even better, the new App Store provides an opportunity for new apps to be recognised, fostering greater sales and exposure to increase your returns.

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We’d love to give you free, expert advice and answer any questions you have about developing an app in iOS. To arrange a discussion with our team, simply click the button below and leave your details. We’ll contact you soon.


Your app idea, developed for iPhone, iWatch & iPad

With a potential market in the hundreds of millions and high standards of app quality and security required to enter the Apple App Store, you can rest assured that you’re investing in a great mobile platform.

Apple users traditionally are happy to pay more, not only for their devices to start with, but also for quality apps to run on them. This means you’re more likely to generate better returns, as well as make it easier to attract investors (if you need them).


Our app developers live and breathe ‘mobile’

We’re blessed to have a huge team of expert developers in Kathmandu, Nepal, with more than 44 App Store ‘Top 10’ apps to their name. They speak perfect English, are across the latest iOS technology and have a dedication to their work that you’re bound to be impressed with.

Lead by our strategy and commercial teams here in Sydney, we can help you define an Apple App development that meets your needs, and see it through in a time frame that matches your launch requirements.

Over 320 innovative and disruptive apps have been developed by our team so far, and we’re ready to make yours a winner too.  

Our iOS work

Don't just take our word for it

I have found EB Pearls great to work with. They offer high level, innovative and affordable app development. I appreciate that they view our business relationship through a long term lense, always working to find a solution that will help my business's growth.  I look forward to continuing to work with the EB Pearls team.

Lisa Brown

Talk with our expert team today about your app idea

We’d love to hear about your app development plans and give you some FREE expert advice to help you move forward. To arrange a time to chat over coffee, simply leave your details below and we’ll get in touch with you soon. Alternatively, call us on 1800954127.

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