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We’ll turn your big idea into a solution that works

At EB Pearls, we love BIG ideas. Having worked with many great entrepreneurs over the years, we’ve been part of turning some incredible concepts into reality.

Which is where you can benefit from our experience.

Starting with a conceptual discussion to fully explore the solution you’re looking to provide to your industry, our expert consultants will map out a comprehensive strategy to make your big idea happen.

A custom solution that meets your industry needs

Whether you’re needing an enterprise website, an app, (or both); we can help you create the right combination of technologies to give you the cutting-edge solution you’re looking for.

By carefully analysing your industry and defining exactly what solutions are most in demand, we’ll carefully tailor your idea to ensure the greatest chance of success.

We handle everything, step-by-step

By working through a series of predefined stages and key milestones in your project, we can reliably turn the most complex ideas into a web solution that meets your needs.

Business plan

Digital strategy

Solution design

Architectural design

User interface design

User experience design




Maintenance and support

Your application, fully optimised

While a functional app might do the job, if it’s slow or unappealing visually, it’s not going to be popular with your staff or clients.

We give clients full flexibility in how they want their site to look, with an endless array of options to suit even the most difficult of design briefs. Our enterprise development experts then optimise how your site loads and renders, making it as fast and user-friendly as possible.

Delivered using agile methodologies for an incredible result

Successful application delivery is our top priority. That’s why we use a dynamic development process to keep your project on track while also producing a result that exceeds your expectations.

As part of the process, we:

Define daily and bi-weekly goals and milestones to keep your development on track throughout the process

We constantly look for any ‘roadblocks’ to achieving completion, while implementing the most efficient process for each step in development

We create ‘sprint’ goals and communicate them with you so you know exactly what we’re aiming to do (and by when)

3rd party app integration is easy

As long as a 3rd party application has an API we can get access to, we can integrate it. With so many sources of information available these days, your site can input, process and display almost any information you want it to. Just ask us.

Comprehensive analytics and reporting

Without comprehensive data analytics and reporting, it’s difficult to work out what you can do to improve your business.

Our enterprise application sites are designed with data and reporting in mind from the start, so whatever you need measured or reported on, we can make sure it’s done.


We love solving problems and Laravel helps us to win every challenge that comes our way. It allows us to provide flexible enterprise solutions for your business.

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With Microsoft’s Technology we can get complex things done easily and efficiently. We have a proven track record of producing enterprise solutions for businesses of all sizes.

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We found eb pearls a great company to work with. They have very solid technical skills coupled with a strong client focus and they are always looking at the best way to execute and deliver projects. We really enjoyed working with them and plan on using them for future development activities

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